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Misty Woodland

Groups at Gather

Authenticity & Belonging

At Gather, we are in the business of helping people find their way back to themselves, to each other and to a wider sense of belonging.  Groups help us understand our patterns of relating and give us an opportunity to try out new, more authentic, ways of being.  They provide solidarity and support alongside valuable challenge - they teach us more than how to exist and be more true to ourselves, they teach us how to do this and also belong.
We also believe that group work can be part of the solution more widely than our individual suffering.  Our world is broken. There is a wide-spread culture of unbelonging, unloving and unforgiving, a forgetting of how we can all be different without being enemies.   In small but powerful ways, seeking the alleviation of our individual suffering together, could be part of the answer.

Groups: Facilities

Being Me in this We


Wild and Wonderful Women

A women's therapy group on Wednesdays at 1 pm, £25 for 1.5 hour group.

This ongoing weekly therapeutic group is held by Jo Byron-Russell - an experienced and deeply empathic therapist, trainer and group facilitator.  It is a space in which to explore all parts of ourselves - both the wild and the wonderful, the gentle and the furious, the wise and the frivolous, the loving and the rejecting.  All of our self is welcome here: shadow and light.  Together we create a safe space in which we can show up as we are, be heard and seen, supported and challenged.  
The group runs in 6 session blocks which are scheduled to match member availability as much as possible.  Participants commit to the 6 sessions in order to provide reliability and consistency.  
Please get in touch to arrange a free one to one with Jo, to talk about the group, your hopes and fears and ask any questions you may have.

Evening Therapy Group on Mondays or Wednesdays, 7pm or 8pm start. £30 for 2 hour group.

Group therapy is not as common in the UK as in other parts of our world, despite being at least as effective as individual therapy and having many added benefits.  It is significantly cheaper and thus more accessible and it also provides a group of peers with whom we can stage an authentic "dress rehearsal" for life.  We can learn about our way of relating and distinguish the aspects that still serve us and our connection to others and those that don't and then try out new ways.  Solidarity, support, challenge, feedback and the guidance of an experienced therapist and group facilitator.

Please get in touch to arrange a free one to one with Jo, to talk about the group, your hopes and fears and ask any questions you may have.

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